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Sneham Kosam full movie

Sneham Kosam full movie

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Simhadri and son Chinnayya who are faithful servants to Peddayya (Vijay Kumar).Peddayya treats Chinnayya like his son till his daughter (Meena) wrongfully accuses him of rape. Chinnayya is out of work and is unable to live without seeing his master and father figure. Simhadri, who takes the blame for killing Peddayya's wife and is imprisoned, returns to see his son, who berates him. Peddayya, who loves his friend and his son,tells Chinnayya the truth that his brother-in-law, (Prakash Raj) killed his wife and not Simhadri. Soon after, Father and son reunite. Together they go to stop Meena from marrying Prakash Raj's brother and in the ensuing fight Simhadri is killed. Peddayya, because of the grief of losing his dear friend, dies as well.

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